Monday, March 12, 2018

2018 Goals

Hard to believe that mountain biking season is already in full swing! With trying to fit in a semblance of a cyclocross season last fall and targeting cx nats in Reno in January, there really wasn’t time for any kind of off season, but that’s pretty much how I like things anyway 😊

My goal for 2018 is to race in as many new races as possible. I love the gravel climbs at Cohutta and I would love to keep adding to my collection of wilderness 101/Shenandoah tech tees, but I also want to try new things, find new adventures, do some races against the pros, and cross a few things off my bucket list this year. Jeff and I will be targeting some races in the NUE series that we have never been to, some races in the Epic Rides series, some races at altitude like Breck Epic and Leadville, and some local gravel races if time allows. I will probably stand on fewer top steps of the podium this year, but I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, find new challenges and race with some of the fastest ladies in the sport.

When I think back over the last several years, I think some of the best races I have had have come when I finish in second or third in a race. Sometimes when you are in the lead of a race, it is easy to get complacent and settle into a pace that feels good but isn’t necessarily the fastest you can be. When you are behind in a race, it forces you to keep digging and working as hard as possible to catch the person in front. And when you race like that, it forces you to take more risks, ride more technical lines, or go out harder than you than you thought you could. Sometimes you will fly and die, but sometimes you breakthrough, find a new level, and do something cool that you never thought was possible before. That is what I want to find in racing this year.

I will be working hard with my coach, Chris Beck, who has helped turned me into the racer I am today. I will still be racing for Joe’s Bike Shop who has supported me since I started racing bikes. I still think they one of the best bike shops around! They helped me get my new Trek Top Fuel ordered and built in time to start this season, and I always look forward to seeing teammates at all the races I go to. I am also excited to still represent Maxxis tires and ESI grips. Right now, I am running Ardent Race tires which have been great in the desert conditions, and my hands haven’t blistered at all thanks to the chunky silicone grips from ESI. I also will be part of the Rudy Project team this year and am excited to be wearing their helmets and sunglasses. I haven’t had a chance to use projects yet, but I am really excited to be part of their team and represent them this season. And last but not least, I will continue to represent huma gel. If you haven’t tried huma gels, I would highly recommend them. They are made with all natural ingredients and chia seeds and actually taste good during long hot endurance races.

24 Hours of Old Pueblo and True Grit 100 are already in the books and I am excited to see what the rest of the season brings!

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